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Time to get Rolling

Hard Mode Soa Down!

Big props to the Ops group last night in dropping Hard Mode Soa for the first time. With him out of the way, our focus turns to KP HM and perhaps dipping a bit into Denova to see how we are stacking up.

We are currently flushing out our Knite Crue Night Crew Ops group and making great strides. With our increased Ops schedule and the key people contributing to our success we are making great headway in catching up with the pack in progress. Keep up the good work team :)

Guild News

Putting Along

BenSkywalker, Mar 12, 12 2:20 PM.
We have had normal mode EV on farm status for a while now, Soa bugging out notwithstanding, and will continue to do so until there is nothing we need out of the content anymore or we move on to Hard mode which is probably two weeks out at the most. Karragga's is still calling, and we are going to get that going ASAP, all we need is for people to let us know when they are available. Once we get a schedule going we can go about catching back up to the rest of the top ops groups on the server and make a run on 1.2 content when it hits in early April.

Dreshdae Cantina

BenSkywalker, Dec 12, 11 8:00 PM.
Our guild has been assigned to the Dreshdae Cantina Server. Early access begins at 7am EST tomorrow.

Based on the latest posts you will get your email telling you when you get in when you actually are allowed in, no notice telling you when you will be, just one saying you are in. Makes planning a bit tricky ;)

See everyone in game.

One Day Left- Be Ready

BenSkywalker, Dec 12, 11 2:12 AM.
Tomorrow early access begins for those that got their pre order in the earliest. It wouldn't be a bad idea if people took a few minutes to update their video cards to the latest drivers to help make sure we don't run into technical issues right out of the gate.

Radeon Driver page

GeForce Driver page

Owners of Radeon graphics cards in particular want to make sure that they have the latest driver running on their PC, their have been numerous issues with the builds over the last several months that has resulted in people not being able to play at all in some circumstances.

Have my stockpile of Dew and munchies, the race to 50 begins tomorrow.

9 Days

BenSkywalker, Dec 6, 11 12:12 AM.
9 Days to go before Early Access program begins. An official post on the SW:TOR site indicates that they will be posting information on the Early Access time frame later this week. The report is that as of now, no emails have been sent to date so if you have seen one it is probably a phishing scam of some sort.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Mizzy86, Jul 25, 11 10:29 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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